Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Wrap up a Rescue Pup This Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

Looking for a gift that will change a life (or two) this holiday season?  Then get down to your local animal shelter, Humane Society or stay home and hop on Pet Finder and give the gift of eternal happiness!  Yes, animals are the greatest responsibility next to children, but they are also the most amazing thing that can happen to a home.  So, if you are ready to take on the challenge of having a four legged angel depend on your 100%, then instead of going straight to a breeder, take the time to consider rescuing a pet.

Em's fur-children:

Baby C recuperating from her many surgeries and being fostered by my Thriving Momma

I got this little nugget, Baby Cornelia, a mere five years ago and honestly can not even imagine that I lived without her for 21 years. She is the great love of my life and I am so thankful I found her.  Courtesy of the Humane Society of Silicon Valley, this girl was saved from an early death and given the surgeries she needed to recoup and live a long healthy life with her new momma, ME!  While she may only have one eye and no teeth, that is what makes her all the more beautiful.  Can you even imagine getting something like thiiiis under your tree?! I'd die!!  I mean look at how healthy and thriving she is now!

My little snugg buggie!!

Looking for something bigger than a stocking stuffer sized pup?  How about this lovey, Handsome the Dog.  Found via Pet Finder my TH just wouldn't rest until this guy came home with us.  While it took awhile with all the meet and greets, home visits and sleepovers, again my life isn't complete without him!  He too has limited teeth and has an obsession with snuggling, but who doesn't love that?  He is the sweetest man dog I've ever known and I love him to pieces!  Toss a bow around his neck and find him on Christmas morning? Simply amazing!

Such a HANDSOME face!
Happy siblings!

Nic's fur-children:

Back in May we adopted our sweet Sandy from a rescue organization in Woodlands. Her Mama was pulled from the shelter with a belly full of babies: Sandy and her two shorter haired siblings. I saw her sweet face and floppy ears on Petfinder, and immediately began stalking the rescue to make sure she would be joining our family. When TH and I finally went to meet her, it was love at first sight and we couldn't be happier!

Our first meeting
Home sweet home!
Sandy and her cousin Handsome love to cuddle!
Technically, Martini wasn't a rescue but I like to think I saved him from having a sub-par life since he had it so great with us. I got him right after college, and looking back I really wish I had made a bigger effort to rescue because there are SO many homeless chihuahuas in Southern California (I blame Paris Hilton and those ridiculous movies). I saw a classified ad with his little teeny face and rushed out to the inland empire to meet him. When I walked in the door he ran right over to me and gave me kisses - I was hooked. Sadly he is no longer with us (that's another post) but the amount of love that came out of that little 3 pound pup was more than anyone could ever ask for.

Sweetest thing on EARTH!

Sun doggin'

If you're ready to be a proud parent of a four legged angel, then look no further and rescue a pet.  They are the most loving animals around and are so thankful to have their forever home.  Now that is a gift worth giving!

But if you aren't ready to commit quite yet, please consider donating your time or money to the Humane Society, ASPCA or a local rescue organization instead. You can find a list of local rescues on Petfinder here: http://www.petfinder.com/awo/index.cgi?

Here are also some great resources about rescuing:

Last but not least, don't forget to spay and neuter all of your pets so we can fight shelter overpopulation and the unfortunate amounts of euthanizing that happen as a result!

Or as any Game of Thrones fan would say...

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