Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thriving Gift Guide Part 2 - Adults

Check out Part 1 of our Thriving Gift Guide, for the kids, here!

With the kid's gifts wrapped and ready to go, I moved my focus to the other adults in my life I needed to purchase for.  The trick here is that my family doesn't really want anything, nor do they want me and my TH to be spending money on them.  So, what do you do in that sort of a situation you ask?  Go for the experience bundle!  I hit up an old "pin" and got crafting... again.

Now it was time to try and recreate this using what supplies I already had: recycled card stock, holiday paper and ribbon.

I picked up some DVD's popcorn and candy and whipped one of these out for my Poppa and Mom.  I simply wrapped the DVD in holiday paper covered card stock to make the same folder look.  I then took the popcorn and candy and taped it to the front and back.  Once I tied that bow I was done, and pretty proud of my un-crafty self!

For my aunts and uncles, I made similar bundles, but featuring a movie ticket gift card instead, easy breezy!

These are all the yummy treats that went inside!
For my Geena (grandmother) as well as a few other family members I decided to do board games.  I am a huge board game lover, and for people who want nothing but to spend time with family (totally my Geena), what is more perfect then a board game?  I mean that is screaming family game night right?  I knew that it would be a perfect choice as we usually play games on holidays when we are all together.  I decided on an SNL trivia game for my Geena and the game Hedbanz for my mom.

To add a little something more, I decided to fill mini masons with dried coconut as I know my mom and aunts love it!  So easy to do and super cute!

My TH is the hardest to shop for so I am still working on that one.  However, other than that, I am done, done, DONE!

What kind of gifts do you give to loved ones who "don't want anything"?

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