Monday, December 24, 2012

Recycle, Reuse, Wrap: DIY Eco-friendly Wrapping Solution

I have a real issue with wrapping paper.  I mean, I just want to get this straight: I am going to BUY paper, only to have it ripped to shreds and thrown away?  So what you're saying (whoever you are) is that I am going to not only waste money but also support the murder of a perfectly good tree? No way!  So, a couple of years ago, I thought to myself, why not re-wrap?  If I use paper products that have already been produced won't I be saving some cash as well as helping out Mother Earth? Oh yeah I will!!!

My top pick, newspaper. I love old look of the paper, the different sections and the great size it offers.  Furthermore,  newspaper is not hard to find and is usually plentiful. I know I find it laying around the teacher's lounge all the time and can get my hands on stacks pretty easily.  For example, I have my TH snag some from the fire house when in need so I am always ready to prep a gift in a pinch. 

Once you have your paper stacked and ready to go, all you really need is some pretty holiday ribbon (easy enough to get on clearance at Micheal's), a pretty pen or label of choice and you are ready to go.  Want to throw some stickers on it to make yourself feel more fancy?  Go for it!  But at least you can feel good about using what you had on hand and saving some holiday dough.

So, if you are doing that last minute wrapping today and just ran out of that colorful holiday paper, run to your recycling bin and see what you can find to recycle, reuse and WRAP!

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