Thursday, December 27, 2012

One of a Kind Shopping at the Long Beach Antique Market

The second time is always a charm! To do some holiday shopping (and maybe get myself an early birthday present), I decided to hit up the Long Beach Antique Market.  Needless to say, I was again wowed into utter obsession with all the great merchandise!  Nic was in tow this time around, camera ready and snapping at my every command.  The weather was warmer than we expected and soon we were stripping those sweaters off so we could better focus on charging through this heaven called the Long Beach Antique Market.  So much for it being a chilly November morning (I am still adjusting to the weather changes down here).

Ready to shop with my Vera Bradley hands-free pouch!
Before diving into fab finds, I want to share a little story for you to keep in your back pockets...

As we took in every booth and fawned over the glorious finds before us, I was being quite bossy barking orders at Nic to take pictures of everything I liked (incredibly rude I know).  Once I realized I was being such a sassy brat, I quickly apologized... I was just so overcome with excitement.  I soon noticed Nic was not the only one glaring at me (NFN: she exaggerates, there was no glaring), uh oh, did I do something to offend these nice people too?  Now I was really sick.  I pride myself on being uber kind, so now I was freaking out a bit.   Then it dawned on me, permission! I had forgotten to ask permission to take pictures in the booth we were in and clearly had offended the lovely lady who's booth we were photo attacking.  Now, while I am usually very good at asking each vendor (whether at a flea market or garage sale) if I can take pictures, I kiiiinda got overwhelmed and was so enamored with the goods I may have forgotten once... or twice. I realized I looked like a crazed sugar fiending child in a candy store, except I was a late 20's, overly hyped bossy chick squealing over Pyrex.  Gone were my manners as I dashed from masons, to chandeliers to vintage scales.  R...U...D...E...

One I realized I had forgotten my manners, I stopped dead in my tracks and began to profusely apologize, thankfully, her glare turned to a smile and she was glad we noticed!  She mentioned how her curiosity was getting the better of her as she wondered if we were going to ask her as we were now on our third snapshot... oops!  I whipped out my TW card and told her all her wonderful items took a hold of my brain like a drug and I lost my mind.  She forgave me and soon started sharing all the details of her vintage chic booth with us... WHEW!!

The lesson learned here...  ALWAYS ASK FOR PERMISSION BEFORE TAKING ANY PICTURES!  Many vendors quickly answered, "Of course!!" But, they always threw in that they were appreciative we asked, so please respect the people, their treasures and ask before snapping away.  I want to save you from making the same mistake we did, and the horrible feelings of guilt I carried with me for the next hour I was there. Trust me, LBAM, that WON'T happen again!  Just wanted to share this for future shoppers...

Now back to my killer finds:

Right when we walked in I spotted this stack of old books and just died.  I needed to have them.  On a bookcase, stacked on a suitcase, cut out a rectangle in the center of the pages for some super secret storage?  I mean the possibilities are ENDLESS!

I LOVE old books!!

Cameras are plentiful at the LBAM and this one we really loved, so we had to "snap" a pic ourselves.

Vintage cameras are always a fun find for the home, my girl Ash's TH has a SERIOUS collection!

Moving on with my obsession of books, I leaped at the chance to take home these vintage children's books.  I love to use these as gifts for my friends who are all having babies since they add such a old-timey feel to any nursery.  Plus, are you SEEING that price?!

These are a perfect addition to any nursery,  did I mention I LOVE old books?
I love license plates, especially finding ones for friends that have moved or lived somewhere besides California.  I just recently bought three for my un-biological sister's nursery.  Since she is a CA girl, I bought one for her, a Kentucky to represent her TH's background and an Arizona one for where they now reside and where their baby will be born in just a few days!!!

Only $10 and the more you buy the more a deal you get... I'm IN!
Because I have a open obsession with trunks and their amazing ability to not only provide great storage but also add a pop of awesomeness, I freaked out at all these choices!!  If only I had more room at my house I would have bought them all!

Trunk love!
I just recently became a crazy frame collector.  I totally copied the "Friends" look and used a great vintage teal frame around the peep hole of my front door.  But then, I decided I wanted to add frames to each door in my house.  My bedroom and guest room's ugly white doors now have gorgeous mint ribbon hanging a gold frame, LOVE!  I adore these ones in all different colors and sizes, my collection grows as I will one day have my entire dining room wall covered with empty frames and vintage clamps to hold my future children's amazing artwork. 

Frames, frames, frames!
Pyrex is always at the top of my list as I am just really starting to get into collecting the old colorful patterns to make cooking all the more bright. I loved this VERY nice lady's booth and all her options. 

Pyrex party!
This crystal glass set is the perfect addition to any 1950's wet bar.  I know they would truly compliment my set and I was tempted to pour a little drink right then and there!

Crystal of my dreams!
Just when I thought I couldn't get anymore depressed about how I couldn't buy everything I wanted (since I don't yet have a "real" home to feature all these great things) I spotted the chandelier booth.  I mean REALLY?  I am obsessed with chandeliers and cannot wait to have one in my entry way, dining room, bedroom, closet... heck EVERYWHERE!

Chandeliers too, does this place get any better?
I love all things old.  I copy my great-grandmother and Geena's style constantly, so these jars immediately took me back to my childhood and I knew they had to be MINE!

Can't you just see these filled with goodies on your kitchen counter.  Just like at grandma's!
(Nic randomly has the twin to that one on the left that was passed down from her Mama)
Not only are buttons of all shapes and sizes a good thing to have, but I also think they are so cute!  My KK has mason jars filled with buttons and I lust for them to be my own.  I also love to re-button jackets and sweaters to add some personal style, so these were a great find.  Have some throw pillows you want to cover but don't have a sewing machine?  Grab a normal sized pillow case, flip over the excess, cut a hole and sew on a vintage button.  Easy breezy and oh so cute!

Buttons, buttons come get your buttons!

When we spotted this jar we knew it was destined to find us.  I mean, NEST really, written on a freaking Mason?! YYYEESSS!!!!!!!!!!

This jar was SO meant for TW!
Just when we were getting ready to leave, everything stopped.  The crowds parted, the sun shined bright on this stunning rose petal pink mid-century refrigerator.  I instantly fell in love.  If you can't see our future Thriving Wives headquarters having this beauty in it as I grab a cool glass of green tea,  then you are nuts.  This was the most angelic appliance I had spotted... ever in my life.  I called my TH, begged, pleaded and cried for him to let me have it.  After one nano-second of silence the answer was NO.  Always has to be the dream crusher that one, or as he says the "realist".  Hummppff!

While I love the bike, this pink refrigerator nearly brought me to tears!

All in all, I could have spent all day there and completely outfitted my future home.  But, alas, we had to leave with only small purchases in tow.  At least my birthday wish list keeps growing and I can wait patiently before buying out the place!

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