Monday, December 24, 2012

Make Your Mondays: December 24th

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, we hope you at least have an enjoyable day off tomorrow (maybe even today, if you are so lucky). Nic's mom came into town yesterday which was spent wrapping presents and baking cookies, and Em made the journey to Northern California to be with her family for the holidays. In the spirit of the holiday season, today's quote is all about feeling good, because that's what we do this time of year right? We do things that feel good (exchanging presents, drinking egg nog, kissing under mistletoe) and spend time with people who make us feel good. We also do things to make sure OTHERS are feeling good, like volunteering and donating toys - although we would argue this should be a year-round habit!

Sounds so simple, but is oh so hard. I find myself struggling to do this all the time! I truly strive to stop, take a moment to refocus and find thoughts that make me feel good. Each morning I want to die, bury myself in my blankets and go back to sleep with the pups… but that isn’t going to work, so out of my mind it has to go. In my mind comes, “I am so lucky to be able to wake up, get out of a warm bed and take time to get ready for work. I get to drink hot green tea, take a warm shower and use my many wonderful products all morning. I am so lucky to be educated and employed, I have it all! So, out of bed you go, smile on, big deep breath and let’s take on the day!" That thought feels better, what thoughts would you like to change throughout your day?

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  1. Merry Christmas to you both! Wishing you both many blessings in the coming year!


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