Monday, December 10, 2012

Make Your Mondays: December 10th

Monday already? We must have enjoyed the weekend too much! Em had a couple of close friends visiting from out of town, while Nic relaxed after tackling many hours of much needed housework. Yesterday we met up for a TW business meeting and holiday bake-off (details on that to come). Our tummies are still aching a bit from all that sugar intake... oops! Oh well, we will take today's MYM quote to heart and just keep moving forward...

I love a good A Hicks quote that is short and on point. Worry, worry, worry; this was once my middle name. I was even compared to the OE (Original Emilia, my great grandma) and was told I worried about worrying. While I have been able to naturally combat much of my anxiety, this quote sort of made sense to me. Why worry? Why be consumed with what I can’t control? Why send my precious energy to somewhere/something I don’t want? NOT GONNA DO IT! So, no more! I am not going to worry about the scary weather changes that make me fear an earthquake, or worry about what could happen next month, next year, etc... DONE! I am going to LIVE in the now! I am going to enjoy every second since that is what I have, so do it too. Leave that worrying at the door and create goodness!

As always, we welcome your interpretation and thoughts on today's Make Your Monday quote! Do you feel like you worry too much? If so, how you do attempt to control it?

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