Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Juicing Journey: Day 4

Welcome to the Juicing Journey! If you are just tuning in, please make sure you check out the series introduction, JJ Day 1, JJ Day 2, JJ Day 3 and our other juicing posts here and here, so you won't miss a juicy detail! When we left you, Em had finally gotten over  the gross leek juice fiasco, so now it's back to just regular yummy juice! 

Our delicious juice for today was using the end of our massive fruit bounty as well as our last veggie supply. I used what we had left and cleaned out our fridge and fruit bowls! That included: 1 bundle of kale, 1 bundle of spinach, collard greens, those 10 oranges I mentioned earlier, and 7 apples. Thankfully, the superbly green juice was leek free, which is the way I want to be!

Off to school for another day of easy drinking. I was feeling more energized, more awake and ready to take on the day. my TH was still at home dreaming of deli sandwiches and drinking his green goodness. I had been making it through the day with only two jars and of course my daily dessert, apple juice! TH on the other hand was still feeling "hunger pangs" so I upped his allotment to 4 jars. This translates to more juicing!

Knowing that we were in desperate need of some more materials AND that I had class later that night, my meticulous mind got to work planning how to efficiently execute my errands. Immediately following school's dismissal I raced to the local market to stock up on new veggies. For $12 (the most so far!) I was ready to go with: 1 bundle of celery, 2 bundles of kale, 1 bundle of beets, 1 of romaine lettuce, 1 collard greens bunch and 14 carrots. Still hoping to hit up our fruit stand on the way to my class, I rushed home to do a quick "veggie drop off" to my TH and was back on the road.

The fruit stand is where I become quite the big spender! For $26 I bought: 2 pineapples, 1 BOX of pink lady apples, 1 bag of oranges, 6 cucumber and 8 lemons. I got to see my "cute, high school girl friend" and chat with her for a bit and went off to class. Thankfully, I had pounded 1/4 a jar before leaving the house so I was feeling nutritized (yes, I did just make up that word) and ready to take on my drive/class session. I was also drinking my usual, what seemed like gallons of water, and couldn't deny how great I felt!

I got home around 7:30, changed and went straight to the juicer. As my TH started peeling oranges (which I selfishly decided could be his job), I moved on to cleaning some veggies and apples. First, I made us each a healthy glass of apple juice, then moved on to our concoction for day 5. For tomorrow the menu consisted of: Kale, celery, beets, carrots, apples, pineapple and oranges. YUM!

Day 5 on the way…

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