Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What To Do When It's Thanksgiving For Two: Decor No More


Welcome to our two part holiday series, What To Do When It's Thanksgiving For Two! Be sure to check back tomorrow for the second installment focusing on the main event - the food. You won't want to miss it!

Well, the saddest part of this Autumn season has been my lack of decoration. I am a usual house flipper, meaning each season has new décor that graces my home and really transports you to a new place.

Usually, for summer, it is all bright and cheery. I change out my main room curtains to cool teals or sky blues, and change out my pops of color to yellow, corals and pinks. Come labor day, the fall leaves are out and about, as are the pumpkin spice candles! The curtains usually change as do my stool seats (I cover them with fabric for each season using a staple gun then just remove staples during the switch). I use my fall colored dish towels and make sure only to buy sunflowers, marigolds and orange roses for around the house. But, as we downsized from a three bedroom house in the Nowhere Town to a nice little two bedroom condo in Orange County, most of my amazing holiday decorations are neatly packed away in storage next to my antique furniture.

So, this year, no stools changed, nor was there a brightly colored autumn leaf to be seen. Granted, I threw some mini pumpkins outside with a squash or two and was definitely using the pumpkin candles inside, I still felt pretty bad about not going all out. I do really love fall décor…

I am going to gather some leaves outside my house, throw those cuties in a glass bowl and drop a mini pumpkin right in there.  I dare say I will get an extra candle or two going. Throw some autumn-ish fresh flowers for a pop of Fall color and I think I may be able to sneak by this year.  Granted, I will have a bit of heart ache for not creating the most perfect, coziest Autumn home ever, but I will make up for it with some serious table settings!. Plus... there’s always next year!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner I had to get thinking as I was hosting my FIRST (day before) Thanksgiving feast EVER! Since my TH has to work on Thanksgiving day (the good fire fighter that he is) we decided to do our Thanksgiving on Wednesday instead. So, now I have to start planning, hmmmm What To Do When It’s Thanksgiving For Two?

More from "WTDWITFT" coming tomorrow as I host my first ever Thanksgiving... for two, duh.

Have you ever done Thanksgiving with just 2 people, whether it was your sweetheart, bestie, or a parent? {Note from Nic: my mom and I have spent a few Thanksgivings alone, and we usually class it up by heading to San Francisco for a night on the town!}

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