Friday, November 2, 2012

Recipe Rave Review: Crockpot Momma #1, Creamy Potato Soup

After a week of mid 70 degree weather, God decided to dump a cold and rainy Sunday on us. Granted, most of the time I would be pumped for a rainy Sunday, seeing it as an opportunity for a major cuddle session, this one was not so welcomed. After all the nice weather, I had just pulled out my lawn chairs to get some much needed vitamin D; drat!

After having to accept my literal SUN-day as canceled, I saw the positive, a day to try another crock pot recipe!  I wanted something warm (easy enough to accomplish in a crock pot) and hearty, so when I spotted this recipe for Creamy Potato Soup, I knew it was the one. While looking at the recipe , I started to frantically glance from the cookbook to supply. The goal here was to make it work with what I had. I have a rule I follow on rainy weekends at home with my husband... No leaving the house! So, the soup quickly morphed into a sweet potato soup since that was what was on hand. Even better for me, I love me some sweet pots!
I followed the recipe as listed, making a few adjustments. Sweet potatoes for Russet and rosemary seasoning instead of a twig; I said it was all about what I had! As the meal cooked away, we settled in for a Scrabble tournament and waited while the house filled with delicious scents of yummi-ness.

Six hours later, it was dinner time! I grabbed my hand mixer and smoothed out the major chunks of potato and got ready to serve. I pulled out some random bacon bits I had in the fridge for TH (barf, I know - Note from Nic: did you know most bacon bits you get from the store are vegetarian?) and grilled some onions to add on top. Whipping up a quick sassy salad, whole wheat garlic bread and we were off to the table!

You guessed it, “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmuuuugggggggghhhhhhhhh” escaped both of our lips and it was another successful recipe. Sweet, warm and hearty; just what our rainy Sun(-less)day called for.

What is your favorite rainy day meal? Stay tuned for more rave-recipe reviews…

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