Thursday, November 15, 2012

Must Do: Long Beach Antique Market

I had the pleasure of attending my first ever LBAM just last month and am thrilled to be going again this upcoming Sunday, November 18th.

He did? Thank you TH!
While I have been living in Orange County for only five months, I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t yet made my appearance at this market. So, when my mom came down to visit last month it seemed like the perfect opportunity to go. We made a plan, arranged times with Aunt B and hit the road to Long Beach on a warm, yet drizzly, Sunday morning in October. When we pulled up I could barely contain my screaming excitement as I saw people loading up their cars with the most amazing pieces of furniture and trinkets I had seen since my move down south.

As we made a plan of attack on how to approach the beast, we decided to go with the classic model: start at one end and work our way down each row as to not miss a thing. Within seconds, I spotted a sweet aged cabinet...

I loved it! Plus, it was the perfect place to showcase one of my many knobs… but where oh where to put the thing? So, I sadly had to move my hand away from my Vera Bradley pouch (grabbing cash of course) and walk away. One day I would be back in a real house and could get back to buying great pieces like this one. Even though I couldn’t have it right now, I could still imagine all the places it could go. Maybe mounted in the bathroom using vintage paper to cover the window and load it with toiletries? Maybe in my bedroom stocked with purses and pashminas? The possibilities were endless!

As we continued to walk through aisle after aisle, I had to use every ounce of strength I had within me to not buy nearly EVERYTHING I saw! As per usual I was drawn into old light fixtures, shutters, mason jars and colorful furniture pieces.

Perfect in my future dining room or above my kitchen island perhaps?
Mason jars all day, every day! As cups? YES. As vases? YES. As containers galore? YES!!! I love glassware, I mean LOVE IT! 
Shutters are the perfect makeshift headboard (I made my own) and also serve as great partitions or even jewelry holders. Better yet, just mount on the wall for an old and easy piece of art!
I just could not contain my mental planning as I sickly thought as to where on Earth I could store all the things I needed to buy. If I didn’t have them I just might DIE! What if someone else got them instead? OMG OMG OMG! You can understand why I needed to pull over in a corner, stare at furniture and have my mom and Aunt B soothe me back to reality as I would find the perfect pieces of my dreams when I did in fact have a home… it would all be fine, let’s just keep walking. Clearly you can see I am a bit crazy when it comes to my Nest! With so many treasures laid out in front of my eyes it was as if I had died and gone to home heaven! Just you wait!! One day I WILL have a U-haul in the parking lot and outfit my entire home with the great pieces featured at this Antique Market! Even better, the prices were not at all too high, and as always, negotiable!

I fell in love with this door (right); the glass, the knob... perfection! It killed me to have to walk away when it would have made the most PERFECT bedroom door ever! I also loved all these window panes transformed into mirrors. I love this old (nearing trashed out) look.

I was dying to get these drawers for my bedroom/dining room and future nursery... did I mention how knob-tastic I could make those?! Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!
I am in a real phase right now..just drawn to teal/mint/turquoise colors… literally they call to me, it is sort of creepy.
I screamed, yes out loud, when I saw this trunk and its untraditional worn colors; NEON orange, are you kidding me?! I AM IN!.. well in my dreams at least.
A tea party on this table, oh that is SO happening!
Ob to the sessed with this lamp… a little polishing and we are set!  
Canary yellow and mustard chandelier? What a perfect piece for a sunlit breakfast nook.
While it felt like only minutes, hours passed in this amazing place and suddenly the heavens were crying along with me as it started to sprinkle. Thank goodness I had my not only my own mother to drag me out of there but Mother Nature as well. As the sprinkling set in, people started to pack up in order to protect their goods. I snapped a few more pictures of my favorite pieces and headed out the gate… until next time Long Beach!!

I could envision Nic and I dutifully typing TW posts on this Thriving Typewriter.
Just as I left I caught a glimpse of this easy to make piece... old piece of wood and doorknobs... perfect way to hang coats and hats in a mudroom.

Hope to see some of you this weekend, I’ll be the one rushing from booth to booth pouring over each amazing piece with the beautiful TW Nic at my heels with her camera in tow (yes, I am dragging her along this time!). {Note from Nic: I am happy to attend next time, although I hope it's not too early. I am mostly excited to see my good friends who run the Retroda booth! If you are local, they have a store front in the Long Beach Antique Mall II, but if you are not they have a store on One Kings Lane. Either way, you need to check them out!}

Please visit the LBAC website ( for more information and as always...

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