Friday, November 9, 2012

Frugal Fab Find: Hooked on Knobs

I had an interest that turned into a collection, which quickly morphed into an obsession; vintage hooks and knobs. As a frequent Anthropolgie go-er, I had always lusted after the style of the home section. I often dreamed of hiding away after closing and pretending my kitchen was the showroom floor. As I pictured the glorious knobs one day glamming up future cabinets, I would be so sad when I could only buy one. I mean, $14 for one knob.. that I wasn’t even able to use immediately was just too much. I still snuck in a purchase here and there, sometimes I even slipped in a sassy hook for good measure!

Overpriced knobs from Anthropologie
When I  would get home, I'd delicately place my new purchases in my storage container, then I would just stare and smile; I was in love. All I could think about buying more antique furniture solely to swap out the stock knobs and add my own. Granted, I had done a few knobby projects here and there when I could, but I yearned for more.

As is usual for my mom and I, we always try to make an appearance at our favorite flea market on the first Saturday of each month.  We are seasoned vets and have a particular route when flea-ing it up.  We don't lolly-gag around all morning, we know almost all the booths, so we go only where we want. To make things easier for ourselves and the guests we often invite to come along, each booth has a name, i.e., Grandpa Booth, Random Lady, 50 Cent Guy, and the dreaded Crazy Craft Booth (CCB). We usually steer clear of the CCB as we aren’t much into scrap booking, nail art or card making.

If we ever did stop at CCB it was only because we had to; it was where we could always find Christine, one of my mom’s BFFs. We knew she'd be there hoarding and being inappropriate, which is of course why we are obsessed with her.  But after months of meeting at this booth and watching the women there like a Discovery Channel special, my mom and I were interested as to what on Earth could be going on in that booth?! I mean these ladies would pack themselves into a parking spot sized booth at 6am using flashlights to dig out treasures.

One morning as Christine went digging away, I started to get a little restless waiting and marched through the down coat and mitten clad ladies fighting over the latest scrapbook accessories only to stop dead in my tracks. Was I seeing this correctly? Did she have knobs and hooks at this booth? The same knobs and hooks I had tearfully left behind just days prior? No, this had to be a mistake. I grabbed one and politely asked the cost, I was sure it was probably $10. I had to choke back my scream of joy as she said, “That one is $3, but I’ll give you 3 of them for $5”

I loaded up with $50 dollars worth of hooks and knobs and got out of there before I spent all of the money I had in one booth. I had a dresser I had wanted to re-stain and re-knob and now I could! The hook collection I wanted to showcase could be started. Granted, it wasn’t in my dream home, and I would have to wait before tricking out my kitchen cabinets, but this was a GREAT way to get started.

I now go back each month or have my mom load me up with at least $20 just so I can continue to hoard these treasures for my future. What can I say, I am HOOKED ON KNOBS!

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  1. Do you know if I can order the knobs online too? And where is this flea market at?


  2. Hi there,

    Thanks for stopping by! You can absolutely order knobs similar to these online, at However, be ready to spend around $14 per knob...that is just not something I am ready to do. As for the flea market, (where I get mine), it is in Cupertino, California. It is called the De Anza Flea Market and is the first Saturday of each month. Good luck!

    Strive to thrive,


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