Thursday, November 1, 2012

Branch Out Into Fall

This little piece of art my mom created is not only the perfect year round d├ęcor, but also is great for changing up the holiday feelings around the home. Sticks gathered from my grandparent’s home, nailed together make the perfect “in house tree”. Add some hand folded origami cranes in a variety of seasonal colors and you’re ready to go!

These branches change with each season as the crane’s colors morph and a something new is added. Just as quickly as the leaves change, the cranes change as well. With the autumn tones of orange, yellow and gold come miniature pumpkins to last through Thanksgiving.

As the piece is mounted above the fireplace in the living room, it really warms the room in more than just one way! Can’t wait to gather some sticks of my own and create on for my own Thriving Home, thanks Mom!

Happy Aut-ommmmmmmmm....

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  1. I once worked with a woman who changed the photos in her house for each season. So in the summer, she had photos of her family at the beach. In the winter, they were on the ski slopes. While I love the idea of seasonal decor to this extreme, this sounded like a lot of work. I like your approach, though. Simple but still effective.

    1. Anna, I agree with you, changing photos each season sounds time consuming! But at the same time, if this woman is as effectionve as my momma at prepping for the seasons, then maybe it is pretty simple. My mom has all her seasonal cranes folded and organized with their supportive decor. All she has to do is go to her closet, pull out her small storage container, sawp out the items and she is ready to go!

      Strive to thrive,


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