Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday - To Do or Not To Do?

Ohhh Black Friday you sassy little holi-venture (if you don't already know I love to invent new words, please take note, this one is a holiday-adventure combo word).  As someone who has participated in the absolute craziness that is Black Friday for many years, I want to share my thoughts.  But first, let me enlighten all you Thriving readers with the background. 

It all started in the mid to late 90's.  Being the young family obsessed girl that I was, there really was no better way to spend the day after Thanksgiving then racing around at 4am with my Aunt L and sometimes Aunt B too.  However, Aunt L was, and still is, the most die hard Black Friday-er I have ever known. 

She used to map out our stops by opening times, perks and free gifts.  Once she had an outline of where she wanted to hit, she started price comparing.  It got her all the more excited to throw that doozie in the checkout person's face... they clearly did not know who they were messing with. - Sorry shoppers on Black Friday will block and tackle better than your football team on Thanksgiving.

My memories fade back to starting at about 3:45am.  I would jump in the car as she peeled out of the driveway.  Store ads were flying around the backseat,  as she had nothing but pure determination in her eyes.  We would pull up to Toys R Us, Target, Macy's or KB Toys (when they still existed) and race to execute our game plan; GO, GRAB, GO!!!! Since I was a small tween girl at that time, I could fly down those aisles grabbing only the items I was meticulously programmed to look for.  Better yet, I could squeeze the heck out of there without so much as throwing an elbow.  Often times, I would sneak up, do the grab and go, and make it to checkout just as Aunt L was coming up in line.  We were a POWER HOUSE; a well oiled machine of purchasing fury.  Once we had gotten all the electronics, toys, tools, games and other goodies off the lists, we were able to pump the breaks a bit...I mean the sun was just starting to come up!

Once back at the house, she would hide all of our hard earned glory as I stalked back to bed now just a zombie and shell of the girl I was the night before.  But it all was such fun... oh to be young again.

 Once I hit high school, that Friday sleep in after a night of total binge eating was all I could think about.  The mere thought of getting up that early and dealing with the lunatics (Sorry Aunt L) who go shopping that early was just too much for me.  Who needs it these days anyway? With so much you can buy online, why bother?  I don't need to be glared at across the electronics section nor do I need to be pushed and mowed over when the doors first open. I am too darn old for all that; I need my rest for goodness sake!

So, back to the question: To Do or Not To Do?

To Do:
  • If you have kids, sure, why not.  Go fight for all those great toys on total sale, live in the fast lane and help Santa out a bit. 
  • If you like early mornings, and even more, an early morning challenge.
  • If you want to spend some quality time with your seriously Christmas dedicated family members.
Not To Do:
  • You have a problem with lots of people touching, pushing, glaring at you.
  • You are not into all that crazy parking, finding, buying, fighting drama.
  • You like to sleep and enjoy a lazy Friday with family knowing full well you can buy all that damn stuff online. 
  • You prefer to throw money at your problems. - Sorry there's no Black Friday deal for the hospital visit you'll need after Black Friday

Either way, the choice is yours.  I am sure you can guess what mine will be again this year. {Note from Nic: as a former retail management slave, I have had to work a 16 hour day on Black Friday, so you better believe I always stay as faaaaaar away from this craziness as I can.} But, good luck to all you crazy shoppers, I hope you get all you are looking for this year... and MORE!!!

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