Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Strive to Thrive - What Does That Even Mean?

photo: Elena Karneeva
"Strive to Thrive": By definition these two words mean, “to try hard” & “to prosper, grow or develop”. Well, despite these phenomenal, on point definitions, (thank you, how does this really apply to me/you? Well, I guess that is really a rhetorical question that requires a deeper examination of your own personal philosophies.

To me, "striving to thrive" means to try hard and growing or prospering. As we can all attest, life is going to throw you loads of ahheem, "poo poo". I am sure you can identify with the common thought, “If it’s not one thing, it’s another”. Well, you’re right, there is always going to be something, but your goal is to not let those life curve balls deter you from striving to thrive.

I often think of striving to thrive as an analogy to plants. Maybe because I am that person who drives around noticing hydrangea (my favorite flower ever) taking over yards, and just stare at it’s ability to thrive. Well, that is how I try to see life as well; an ever changing yard to which I have to adapt (deal) and thrive (conquer). So, that is what I urge you to do as well. Dig in those roots, reach for that sunshine, drink up that fresh water and THRIVE!

With each event/task/stressor that comes your way, refocus on what really matters and what feels good. For example, I chipped my tooth the other day and despite hours of sobbing and a being a vain nightmare, I had to allow myself some time to process and feel sick about it, go to about three different dentists, then make my plan to refocus and redirect. Was I dying? No. Was I in the hospital battling a horrible disease? No. Did I have a wonderful family, loving friends and husband who accepts and loves my imperfections? Yes. So, really, aside from having to give up my former dreams of being a tooth model (not really), I guess I needed to fix that tooth and move on! I had to redirect to what feels good and realize that whatever life throws me, I and only I, have the ability to make the positive changes in my mindset and improve, or thrive. But I have to try, I have to strive. Hence, the mantra, strive to thrive. So, try it and let me know how it goes!

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  1. Great Post Em. I remember when this happened to you, and boy did you Thirve! Chipped toof and all, we still had a fantastic weekend hitting up the town and having the best time. I think of your motto often "Strive to thrive". Keep the motivating posts coming!

    1. Thank you for posting Ashley! We appreciate your support and your ability to embody what Thriving Wives is all about.

  2. Words to live by Em! Thanks for the motivational words.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Leah! We hope you keep reading and duh..keep thriving!


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