Monday, October 29, 2012

Perfectly Picked Pumpkins

It is rare that my Thriving Husband comes home from a 24 hour shift and is ready to take on the day. So, when he came home this past Saturday and was all bells and whistles to go along with my itinerary, I was pumped! The first stop of our day was to the local Pumpkin Patch in search of two perfectly picked pumpkins!

While families bumbled around participating in the variety of activities the patch had to offer, my TH and I dove into full blown search mode. We needed a pumpkin with a stem (to better assist in carrying and cutting), nice medium size, and of course symmetrical. Well, finding this beauty was easier said than done. I was scoping each bunch of pumpkins while my TH took his keen eye for balance and tried to find one that met my standards. After 30 minutes of, “How about this one?”…(me sprinting over thinking this may be the one) “Yeeaahh!!...wait, no no, she is totally scratched over here, what is that?! Do you see this side is totally bulging here? Come on man..try to do better next time”. Finally, I had to settle. Either make a choice from our five final contenders or stay searching until the sun came down. I decided to choose. She had a minor “blemish” near her stem, but I was just going to fix her right up. I liked her sassy stem, sort of like a side swept bang, and she was as even enough to be named my Thriving Pumpkin.

My TH grabbed his top pick and we headed home to have a carving party. All set up on our patio we got out our supplies and got started! The worst part is always digging out the gunk, but we powered through that nasty orange slime and got to design central. With a sharpie we outlined our creative vision; the TW logo for me, (duh) and the crossing axes that represent Fire Fighters for him. Both designs were a bit tricky and we were oh so thankful we broke down and spent the $8 on those little carving knives they had at checkout. I am no artist - all I do is think it up and see if someone else can make it happen. You can imagine how THRILLED I was when I nailed it, ALL BY MYSELF!! As my TH put the finishing touches on his pumpkin, I giddily picked a spot on our porch to showcase our hard work. I nestled the candles safely in the center of the pumpkin and anxiously awaited for nightfall.

With my little nugget pumpkins all fitted out with our signature N & E, I was thrilled to see TW rise in its orange blaze of glory as soon as the sun had set, SUCCESS!

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  1. I LOVE your pumpkin! You did an exceptional job. That oh-so-tideous search for THE pumpkins is always tiring but she is beautiful! And I think it's hilarious you call her a her. I do that always.

    1. Well thank you Christy!! As I said, I was pretty impressed myself! So happy to know that I am not the only one who forms bonds with my beautiful she-pumpkin. Thanks for commenting!

      Strive to thrive,

  2. What a PERFECT pumpkin! Well done on the carving. Did you bake any of the seeds for a fall snack?

    1. Well thank you Leah, I won't lie, I was really proud of myself. We decided against using the seeds as we could barely stomach getting through that orange slimy mess. Maybe next year though! Do you have any good tips or recipes for using the seeds?


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