Friday, October 26, 2012

Love Me Some Hicksology

A couple years ago I was introduced to Abraham Hicks and the whole Law of Attraction theory - thanks Aunt B!

After my Aunt B sent me a few quotes to check out, something just clicked with me. It all started to make sense. All the things I had been taught growing up, to be kind, accepting, tolerant, patient and honest mixed with the belief in something greater took shape and translated into one thing, my ability to be in control.

I remember complaining to my mom about various things and her annoying response was always, “They didn’t do anything to you Em, you allowed yourself to feel that way”. What did that even mean? Can’t you EVER agree with me on anything? Maaauuuuummm, geez! But, when I had my “come to Abraham” moment, her words resonated in my now clear head like angels singing across a blue sky. I, and only I, am in control of what I think, feel and the energy I give off. It was then and there I decided I was going to start owning this mantra and it has now become my own form of religion.

I subscribe to daily quotes and while many of them are way over my head, sometimes I get one that is honestly saying, “E, THIS IS FOR YOU GIRL”. It is in those I find strength and at the end of each stressful day or annoying moment I hear my oh so wise mother, “You are choosing this emotion, why? It feels better to feel good”.

To be happy is to make yourself happy, so why not?

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  1. Love this Em! Totally believe in this and have mixed in other spiritual beliefs along the way to create my own belief system too, so I love your philosohpy! Meditation and connecting with myself through yoga and reading cool books and tapes by Ekhart Tole and Deepak with this same message (along with other genius thoughts of course) is something I love to incorporate as well. Great post xo, Britt

    1. Britt, thanks so much for your comment! Isn't it freeing to create a belief system that is all your own? I look forward to reading some of the philosophies of the authors you mentioned and hopefully connecting more with MY inner "yogi". Thanks again!

      Strive to thrive,


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